fox snake

Fox Snake

Elaphe vulpina


Fox Snakes have yellow backs with large dark brown or black splotches. Their bellies are covered in black and yellow checks. Their heads are red or orange in color.


The adult Fox Snake measures 3-5 feet long.



A Fox Snake primarily eats rodents, although it may also consume frogs, birds, and eggs. At Cosley Zoo, the Fox Snake is fed mice and chicks.


Fox Snakes mate in June or July, and about 30 days later, the female lays her eggs. Females lay between 7 and 29 eggs at a time. Young snakes measuring 8-12 inches long hatch in August or September. Newly hatched snakes are independent and require no parental care.

Shelter and Space Needs

Fox Snakes are found in a variety of habitats, including prairies, farm fields, and woodlands. They are most often found in moist areas near rivers or streams. Fox Snakes can be found in Western Michigan, Wisconsin, Iowa, and Northern Illinois.

Life Expectancy


Importance to Man

Fox Snakes are beneficial to people because they help to control the rodent population.

Fun Facts