white pekin duck

White Pekin Duck

Anas platyrhynchos white_pekin


The Pekin is a large domestic duck. Pekin Ducks have pure white feathers with orange legs and bills.


Pekin Ducks range in weight from 8-12 pounds.



The ducks at Cosley Zoo are fed commercially prepared duck food pellets.


Pekin Ducks seldom raise a brood because they are poor setters. Eggs from Pekins are normally incubated in a machine and will hatch after approximately 28 days. The eggs that are eaten by people are unfertilized.

Shelter and Space Needs

Domestic ducks require shelter from the wind and rain, access to food and water, and fencing to keep them contained. Pekin Ducks require only a low fence due to their limited flight ability. The ducks at Cosley Zoo are kept on a pond and have access to trees and shrubs that serve as shelter.

Life Expectancy

Domestic ducks kept as pets live an average of 8-12 years.

Importance to Man

Although a Pekin Duck's eggs can be eaten, this type of duck is primarily used for meat. Pekins grow very quickly and can weigh between 6 and 8 pounds at 9 weeks of age!

Fun Facts